Financial Support (International Students)

The information below is required for an offer of admission. Use this form to provide your best estimate of the total amount of support (from all sources other than Millsaps College) that you expect to have for each year of study in the United States. Top applicants are eligible for scholarships between $20,000 - $30,000, but full scholarships are not available. The total estimated cost of study and living for Millsaps College is $57,000.  

*In order to receive an I-20 used to apply for your U.S. F1 study visa, you must also submit the Verification of Financial Support (below) and proof of resources (for example: bank statements). These are not required at the time of application, but are highly recommended so that you receive your visa documentation as soon as possible.  

*Applicants that would like to expedite the process of receiving your I-20, please complete the Verification of Financial Support and submit supporting evidence of funds.
Please submit the form at the link above along with scanned copies of banking statements, sponsor support letters or other evidence of financial support. Documents must be in PDF or Word format.